Sunday, May 24, 2009

What we gained in the fire.

So I never saw that movie: What we lost in the fire. But I will put a spin on it.
What I gained in the fire:

1. Angels surround us. This could have been huge. I wasn't in my apartment. This could have easily been the whole house. I kinda freak out if I think about it much. 25 years gone in an instant. We are watched over.

2. The Lord's promptings are exactly what they need to be, not what we think they should be. You would think I would have heard a prompting like, "somethings wrong, go out to the apartment." Instead, the thought was, "Send Millie out to get the leftovers from last night." Not conventional, but it got the job done. ** Notice mine was about FOOD.**

3. Be prepared. I need to put new batteries in the smoke alarm. I never paid attention to it, til it didn't work when I needed it to... NOT GOOD. (Ironic considering I organize the fire inspection and drill info for all of our PT centers at work...) But how many things in life do we NOT think of til we really need it? Prayer? Food Storage? A full gas tank? For a long time, the idea of a 72 hr kit has been nagging at me, I putter around with it now and then, but I think its time to really get it together.

4. Nothing in coincidental. Last year, while working at our Tempe office, the Rural Metro guy came to inspect the fire extinguishers. One was not up to code for a commercial area so he replaced it with a new one and told me I could have the old one. Not thinking much of it, I said, Ok, I guess... A few months back when straightening up, I got frustrated that the stupid thing was taking up space (as it is so limited in my apartment) I almost got rid of it, but I figured Id just keep it out by my washer/dryer instead of in the apartment. Just in case. This was a lifesaver. Thank you Rural Metro.

5. If you are prepared you wont be afraid. When I rushed out to the apartment, I knew exactly where I had my fire extinguisher. I looked into the smoke filled kitchen, saw it was the range, quickly turned off the burner and went outside to grab my fire extinguisher. Now, I had never used one, it was a bit intimidating, but because of fire drills at work, I had a basic understanding. My heart was pounding, but I wasn't afraid.

After my firefighter experience was over, I came back in to the house to let Millie know everything was ok. Her train of thought was the same as mine. It could have been so much worse. It hit home when she realized that her room backs up to my kitchen. My response was, "We were so lucky." She, being much wiser (even if she is 15 years younger) said, "No Emily, We are blessed." Yup. Humbled by my bratty teenager sister. OUCH. And of course she was right.

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Flying Princess said...

Dang you, you made me cry.

I love the way you write.