Friday, May 22, 2009

Name that movie part 2

So the movie lines were such fun I think I may have to do it again. I thought So I Married An Axe Murderer would be difficult, but obviously you guys have no life and watch too many movies just like me. I think there will be no more hints. So with that said: My favorite movie of all times.

"Dinosaur world is the only place a boy like me can be truely happy!"

"Haaaaaaaa. A hankering for CHOCOLATE. I need it badly."

'They told me about things they did on their motorcycles, some of them were fun, but some of them were scary!"

"They tried to touch me in my no-no special place."


Jenn said...

Really? Your favorite movie is Clifford? I so would not have guessed that to be your favorite. I just don't even know who you are anymore!

Blueyedmle said...

For its all around laughs and quotability. Yes it is. Or pretty darn close.