Monday, May 4, 2009

Lil explanation...

I was talking to Nan today and she said that I needed to explain the first pic below. She said it didn't make any sense out of context. So I will explain. On a very very enjoyable roadtrip to my Montana, back before we had responsibilities (namely Brian and Reed) we meandered through Yellowstone, and got lost. Anyway, this was taken there, and at the time it was very funny (as most things are when on roadtrips when punchy from no sleep and too much time in a car.) We stopped here as this "thermal area" was popping and bubbling and making the funniest of noises. Are own "bog of eternal stench" (Yet another reference to Labrynth.... wow) Anyway, it struck us as funny as most fart references are. The pic while triggering memories for me and Nan and making us laugh, unfortunately does not effectively convey the beauty of this moment for any random person. Sorry. But, seriously, it was halarious!!!!

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greg and laurie said...

I GOT it! - It was a fart reference - and I even saw that it could have been the "bog of eternal stench". gotta' love Labrynth! I wasn't on the road trip, but still laughed. What does that say about my sense of humor (which Jen doesn't think I have)?
Mom C