Wednesday, May 20, 2009


HAHA I wrote the other entry too soon. My musical day has come full circle. I will have to stop listening now cause Desperado, (The Clint Black version) came on. ENOUGH already. No more of those memories.
So I will just pretend it was the Don Henley version as it has much happier memories connected to it. A few years back, Margie and I just happened to be on the recieving end of some Eagles tickets. It was fabulous! And of course they saved Desperado for the very last song of the concert about 10 encores into it. The funny part was, from the first encore, this stupid kid kept yelling, 'Play Desperado' over and over again, like they could hear him and like they were going to NOT play it and like they didn't have a play list, even for the encores. Needless to say, we laugh frequently when one randomly yells out "play Desperado!"

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