Monday, March 31, 2008


Excuse the fuzzy pic, its from my phone. I just found it hilarious that "MAN" is something they are born with. I present the evidence: First, he is naked, or as naked as I will allow. The diaper would be gone too if I let him. Second, and what you cant see is that he is laying in my bed watching tv. But the most convincing evidence is the REMOTE CONTROL. It is a constant battle already to see who gets the remote. So I think its worth throwing this into the Nature vs Nurture arguement. I did not teach him this. He is surrounded by females all of the time, minus his precious time with his Papas. When he is with my dad, he is always outside. So unless Jerry already taught him this, which I doubt, this is how he came wired. One point for Nature. (I swear he gets this from you James!!!)

Friday, March 28, 2008


So Mille sent me an email yesterday of "cool trees". At first I thought they were pretty cool. But as I looked at them I started thinking, "Wow, this is grafting." I know most people wouldn't be very impressed with that realization. But it was a big deal for me. While this was for purly esthetic reasons, it still provided me a visual of what can really be accomplished when "grafting". No I am not a landscape archetect or an agricultural efficianado, so where am I going with this? Jacob 5...I think. The Allegory of the Olive Tree. Not one of the most easily understood parts of the Book of Mormon. But for me the visual that these pictures provides helps. Grafting, as in the allegory, is much more understood in olive or wine regions. (Not Phoenix, AZ) The pictures help me to see the literal relevance of Grafting (showing the amazing ability for all the little branches or trees to become one, stong and beautiful and perfectly united.) It also helps me to relate my life to the Allegory and its spiritual ramafications. Christ grafting us in to become one, strong and beautiful and perfectly united. For me to get anywhere in reading the Book of Mormon, I have really visualize what is going on. I was blessed during my mission to have it read like a movie playing in my head. I have lost some of that, so every little bit helps.
Oh, yeah, I forgot the other part. I read about grafting and the the deal is, you can't graft different types of trees. So to have a successful "graft" the trees must be alike. Thus, we must be like Christ for the "graft" to work for us. Things to think about on Friday when you dont feel like working.....

Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter cont...

Reed had his first egg hunt Saturday at Auntie Margie's house. He had a great time watching all the kids run around him grabbing up eggs. He wasn't real big on finding his own. The few eggs he collected ( or that his Uncle Brian collected for him) were a big success. They had little whuffle balls and lizards inside. He loved the balls. He also got to try strawberry jello for the first time. (Later that evening he threw it up all over mom.)
We then spent all night awake. Reed is teething and was running a rediculously high fever. He cried for hours and when he slept he was pretty restless. So Easter Sunday we were late for church and Reed went home after Sacrament meeting. I lasted an hour longer (I had to follow through with my hours help in the nursery.) Sunday night was much the same. Crying and fevers. So work today is torture. (Thus, I am typing this instead of actually doing my work....)

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Reed is getting so big. He loves to be outside and Papa spoils him rotten. They have lots of big boy time together. They even have growling and grunting contests. It is so funny. Since Papa has gotten his water feature running again, it has become a favorite play spot. Reed loves the water and climbing on the rocks. Needless to say mom is always hovering close by because Reed isn't scared of anything and all I can see is him cracking is head wide open. (moms take the fun out of everything)

The wild flowers are amazing this spring!!! I only captured a few on camera, mostly because I was too busy taking pics of my beautiful boy! Reed is offically 8 months and I look back wondering where all the time went to. While happy to have survived so far, I realize it went by so fast and I wish I would have captured more on film and just in treasuring the moment as it was happening. Funny how perspective changes so quickly as memory fades. I think I spent the last 8 months just trying to survive: dirty diapers, colic, sleepless nights, early mornings and long days at work. Now I just find myself wishing I could recapture the feelings of Reed moving inside me just before he was born, cuddling with him as a tiny newborn. (That newborn phase was so short.) And so many other things. I miss being pregnant (am I crazy!!!)

But I am getting so sidetracked!! The whole point of this was to say happy Easter!

Thursday, March 20, 2008


So Im driving home from work yesterday and I flip it to the classic rock station. (A favorite for going home to work...) Anyway. The Birds song, Turn Turn Turn comes on. If you arent familiar with the song, its taken from Ecclesiasties, "to everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven." (Ecc. 3:1)

So Im sitting there thinking, when is it going to be my season? And the very next line of the song talked about a time to gather stones and a time to cast away stones. I thought, that's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. Who gathers and casts away stones in the first place? And then it hit me like a ton of bricks. (or stones in this case) There are seasons in are life when we are required to do things that make absolutely no sense. We just gotta get through em and eventually (I hope) we will be allowed to know the why's of our seasons. And with help learn the lessons intended during that season.

I was in the gathering of stones season for quite some time. I have gathered and gathered them until a short time ago when I realized my back was breaking under all these damn stones. (I guess this comes from gathering the wrong stones.) So I have now entered into the season of casting away stones. And what a difference it has made. I have indentifed so many things in my life that have been dragging me down. I have found people who could help me to cast away the stones of my collected past and sought out the One who could take away those stones that I and that no one else could remove alone.

I then found it quite amusing that the next line in the song (and scripture) was "a time to embrace and a time to refrain from embracing". I guess its my time to refrain from embracing!! But seriously. I have noticed again and again lately, little messages and little thoughts coming to me from the most unlikely places but ultimately from the source of all truth.

The other impression I recieved was as we are living out or through one season, we are setting the groundwork so we will be ready for the next season of our lives. The choices of the past have put me in a position that I was sufficiently humbled and reminded of Him whom I need to look toward. As a I left a very sad season in my life, I was prepared to see the beauty of the new season I was entering. I was able to stop trying to "white nuckle it" and learned to ask for help. And Im in a position to get the most out of this season. (Even as difficult as it is.) And as I continue through this current season, I am getting everything in place in my life so that I can be ready to be fully blessed by the season that is to come.

While this is on a very small scheme in my example, I believe it is only a "type" of the grand scheme of things. Life in general is a preparatory season.

I hope this doesn't come across as preachy or even worse cryptic or too deep. Its just some of the stuff that flows through the brain during rush hour traffic.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just your basic beginning

Hey everyone. I know its bare bones... but you gotta start somewhere, right?? No big news. Just the day to day usual has been going on. My sweet Reed is doing fantastic. He is mobile and into everything. He has become a trouble radar. I can see it in his eyes. His favorite game is to pull the cat's tail. And yesterday he ate his first handful of dirt. He has discovered the fun of splashing in water --both in the bathtub and in Papa's waterfall. And after a lovely Saturday spent outside I realized he got his first sunburn. The poor kid. But he is a trooper and continues to amaze me how quickly he is growing and learning. So much development in just 8 months.

I am exhasted much of the time. Beyond my usual employment working front office for a physical therapy clinic, I have added working the barrell business with my dad and sisters, and after a long long break Ive started to practice massage again. When Im not working, Im playing with Reed or trying to TCOB when he naps. I dont seem to get much done. But with lots of help from the family I am doing ok. Im currently trying to figure out how to balance everything so I dont end up in the poor house or working so much that I miss out on all the little advances Reed continues to make.