Friday, January 30, 2009

Where did the time go?

I was uploading pictures from my camera onto the computer and started looking back on the old pics. Everyone said time would fly by and to enjoy the "tiny time" as much as possible. 18 months later Im wishing I had a few of those moments back. (Just not the colicky ones.)


Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I am torn between wanting to defend my last post. I know I have lots to be thankful for and no life is not that bad and I know we all have our little bouts with "hard life" So I just want to say thanks for the help. But -- I just needed to vent.

On the flip side I super glad to know someone out there is actually reading this insanity!


So I got this TAG a long time ago, I just never did follow through. I will do so now. Basically ya get to list "quirky" traits or tendencies about yourself. Maybe I put it off cause there were just way too many to list. But I have narrowed down to just a couple.

1. I eat my M&M's in groups. I will explain. If I were to grab a handful of M&M's I have to see which color I have the least of, I then eat the colors I have more of until I have the equal amounts of each color. Then I eat them in groups so I always have the same number of each color. This would also apply to Skittles (although I dont eat Skittles nearly as often)

2. I hate seeing random tape hanging up places. I used to work in a cubicle and management would hang up papers for reference. They would last a while until they finally fell off, leaving a strip of tape on the wall, holding nothing up. It drove me nutty nuts. On slow days at work I would sit and pick the tape off the wall and fold it up into a little ball o tape for the day. The more the tape, the more successful the day. I sat at different cubicles just so I would have tape to clean up. Today, I was in my bosses office for a conference call and I noticed some tape on a cabinet in there. It took everything I had not to sit and pick it off during the call. I would have if I was the only person in there but there were three of us and they already think Im crazy.

3. I always have to break down numbers in funny ways. Im always trying to find ways that they relate to each other. I hope I can start to explain this to make this kinda make sense. An easy example: My suite number at work is 101 as in 1+0=1. Seems dumb, but it gets worse with phone numbers. Take mine for example. 518-5067. I pick it apart and so I see it as if I start with 5 and add 1 eventually you get to 8. But if you were to add 5 to 0 you would still have 5 then 6 and 7. I do this all the time. I think it comes from too many math classes with those fill in the next number in a sequence problems. It drove me nuts when I watched Lost because I kept trying to find some reasoning behind the number sequence in the reoccuring magic numbers. But any group of numbers or sequence of numbers...lock combinations, phone numbers, etc. get overanalysed just trying to see some pattern or way the relate. EEKE.

4. Vacuuming. This one is especially OCD of me. I love having carpet that leaves vacuum lines. (Which I currently dont have) When I vacuum, I vacuum so it leaves perfect little triangles (kinda like the carpet cleaners leave) and each line of triangles matches up with the next line and are the same size. I also vacuum myself out of the room so that there are no footprints and no odd vacuum lines interrupting my little lines of triangles. I have messed up my triangles and started over just to get them just so. Funny considering I am not a neat freak.

These are just some of my quirks. So now, whoever would like to make me feel a little less freakish can post their quirks on their own blog or as a comment. Or if you have any insight as to what these quirks are correlated with or what they tell you about me, that would be fun too. I love playing psychologist, dont you???

Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad attitude

These past couple weeks have been a pain. The other front office lady has been out sick and so I have spent my days running around like a crazy lady hoping I can get everything done. Leave it to the central billing office to choose these past 2 weeks to roll out 3 different "projects" to work on during our downtime (but have done by the end of the week...) I couldn't even get the regular stuff done.... So I have come home from work every night, exhausted.
Add to that a yearly physical that turned into a blood test cause my body is out of control right now. Add to that the insurance not covering the meds to help said crazy out of control body be normal (or as normal as possible.) I have been told if I don't get my health under control I will have major problems. (Cause the ones now aren't major yet. I guess.)
Add to that Reed being sick for a week. (Read: Grouchy baby and snot on my shoulder, at all times. I have stopped wearing black because of it.) Add to that Reed's check up where we got referred to an ENT specialist because he has sleep apnea and needs his adenoids removed.
Add to that I have to give up or at least minimize my Diet Pepsi cause of above health problems. Cant imagine how I could make it through the day w/o my pepsi.
Add to that the nurse also told me I needed to take "me time". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I could keep adding but my head hurts too much--another perk of my health problems.

So I have decided I have a bad attitude.

But I walked into work today and I wasn't alone.
And while waiting for the Dr. today, Reed made me laugh out loud when he told me no and shook his head at me. (This will probably be the only time I think its funny but his verbal skills are still limited and I love when he uses his big boy words)
And the sandwich lady at Sprouts greeted me by name today.
And I get done with work in 2 minutes
And I have dinner and a movie waiting for me at home (dinner, thanks to mom, and a movie courtesy of Reed and PIXAR)
So I have to remember that I have things to have a good attitue about.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I see an emergency room in your future.....

Today I was talking to mom when I realized Reed had disappeared from sight. This is where I found him. Luckily I had my phone on me. What did we do before picture phones? How else would I have captured such obvious parental negligence for all the world to see? This is a 6 ft block wall and he was dead set on getting to the top of it. I believe this is a big indicator of just how fun my "boy raising" experience will be. Pray we survive.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Bad boys...

So last night I was up all night trying to get caught up with Season 4 of Lost so Ill be ready for Season 5. Im so excited!!! Anyway, as I was watching I got all swoony over Sawyer (again). He is my favorite! And it got me to thinking about my way too big problem with falling for the bad boys. So Im just curious about what everyone else's opinions on this. Who are your favorite bad boys and why? (Characters, not in real life)

As a help in getting you started, the little thinking I did brought me to the conclusion that there are different types or catagories for them. (IE: the Lothario, the Brooder, the Dangerous, the Crass. ) Im sure there are more types. So if you have another catagory to add or favorites in the catagories, leave a comment or email me ( and eventually I wanna compile it into a theory of sorts.

As another little help to get you started, these are examples I have come up with so far:

The Lothario: "McSteamy" (Eric Dane) - Gray's Anatomy or
Daniel Cleaver (Hugh Grant) - Bridget Jones

The Brooder: Bob Howard (Vincent DOnofrio) - The Whole Wide World or
Mr. Rochester (Orson Welles) - Jane Eyre

The Dangerous: Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum) - Smallville or
James "Sawyer" Ford (Josh Holloway) - Lost

The Crass: Stiffler (Sean William Scott) - American Pie or
Jeremy (Vince Vaughn) - Wedding Crashers

Thanks for your help in advance.... Im excited to see what others have to say.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mean Mom...

One of Reed's already developed "man traits" is his ability to watch his movies undistracted by stuff going on around him. Its really funny as my dad can do this too. One of my favorite things to do is poke him, say his name over and over again, or just say "hey, hey, hey..." until he looks over at me. IT TAKES FOREVER, but this is his usually response.

You can see his little boy self wanting to scream out, "leave me alone, mom. Mater's on."

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Fortune Cookie

Feeling a bit indulgent today, I decided to go to Panda for lunch. MMM. Love the Orange Chicken and the Beijing Beef. Anyways. I thought I would share my very insightful fortune with y'all.

"The world will soon be ready to recieve your talents."

I know, I laughed too.
My first response was. Oh, oh my book. (As other things seem to be guiding me in that direction too.) But the more I thought about it I decided to list just some of the possible "talents" this particular fortune might be referring to:

*** My stinging and insightfully bitter sarcasm. Touche!

*** My shocking flexibility allowing me to insert my foot in my mouth despite my portliness.

*** My amazing ability to change the lyrics to songs to fit the current circumstances of my life.
I make Wierd Al look like a novice. Specially the time my version of an Enya song came out, "Who can say why your lover, humps another, only time...." A classic.

*** My trite, but never tiring verses written with magnet poetry.

*** My ability to replay stupid things I said over and over again in my head and come up with
better, wittier things I should have said instead.

*** My ability to produce the absolutely incorrect emotional response to life situations. (ie: laughing when I should be somber, crying when laughing, and snorting when trying not to appear animal like....)

*** My ability to recall movie lines from films I saw years ago, yet my inability to recall where I set down my keys moments earlier.

And my personal favorite:
*** My ability to spill food at the exact spot on my chest every time I wear a brand new white shirt.

So. Watch out world, get ready, cause my talents are coming soon to an awkward situation near you.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First and Foremost....

So we were looking at the blog the other day at work and a coworker/friend was giving me a hard time about my profile. He asked why moms always say, Im a mom "first and foremost". I told him he was obviously not a parent and didn't understand just how time or life consuming it is. But he gave me crap none the less. He said it was trite and I needed to fix it. So for you Kris... I have revised my profile.
After writing this and changing my profile I have come to the conclusion that I just need to learn how to tell people to just "jump off" and not be so accomodating to people's crappy opinions.
From now on when people ask I will say that I am a smart ass --First and Foremost! :)

On a completely different train of thought, after looking back at the stupid Photo tag post, I have decided I have a gigantic nose and have shyed away from the camera since. It is now added to my list of way too big body parts which include my arms, my ass and my thighs. Notice boobs did not make the list (sad face) LOL. On a happier note, my ankles did not make the list. Although they topped it during my last 2 months pregnant with Reed, they have since returned to a respectable, dainty circumference.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

A few last looks at 08

Our imported snowman...

Our imported snowman..... the next day :(

"Look what I can do Mom.... "

Merry Christmas!!

Chillin with my pals

" Thanks Daddy, Im cruisin now "