Thursday, May 21, 2009

Facebook Fixation

Umm. So after recieving a few invites to join facebook, I finally did. I know, I know, Im so behind in the times. In a matter of about 5 minutes I was reintroduced to people I haven't seen since high school. It was crazy. It was way more user friendly than MySpace and super crazy how it interconnects you with others and I was just scratching the surface. I haven't even gotten started on special interst groups. Add to that the comments that come piling in, its like blogspot on crack. And one just cant help but keep checking to see what is happening next.
And while I am completely fascinated by how many people have already added me as a friend or requested being my friend because I was added to someone else, or written on my wall... (I believe that is illegal in some states...) I cant help being a little frightened of it. BIG BROTHER and all. Especially lately. So the jury is out. The big downer of being on Facebook is I have limited time I can be on Facebook. I get all these request and cant do anything about it at work. And the draw to "put my two cents in" as I get emails about whats going on is intense. So I guess we will see...

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Lunt Family said...

I get invites for this and that cause and I ignore all of them because I don't want everyone to have my info. It has been fun getting back in contact with old friends, but now that I am it is almost wish I hadn't because I wish they were still the way I remembered them in high school. The jury is still out for me also. I continue because I keep in contact with many ward members that way and curtis' siblings. At least we are friends without Facebook.