Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Surgery day

This had to be the most miserable day ever. Waiting around in the hospital 4 hours with a not whining, but screaming, kid. Hungry cause he couldn't eat, tired cause it was nap time and mad cause there was a big plastic id chafing his little kankle. It was horrible.

Thank heavens, he recouped fast and while we had to stay til 6, the Dr didn't make us stay the night as originally planned. These pics are all post op as we tried to amuse ourselves til they gave us the go ahead to leave. I had to get really creative in entertainment cause otherwise he was trying to pull out the IV and pick off the monitor stuck to his big toe.
On a side note, the surgeon said he was a trooper and would be a linebacker in the near future. He said I must have my hands full. He fought the nurse all the way down the hall and into the operating room. I wanted to say, "yeah, thats why I told the nurses station that trying to wrestle him for 4 hours prior to his surgery was 'bullshit and that I was loosing it fast'." (Those were my exact words by the way.) Instead, I just smiled and agreed.


Lunt Family said...

Surgery, WHAT!! what happened. I didn't even know he was having surgery. I am glad to hear he is doing ok. Lets do lunch on Friday..

Marleys! said...

Surgery...yikes. Hope he's ok and it wasn't for anything too bad.

Ho Ching Happenings said...

Glad you both made it out alive!

Jenn said...

hospitals and your babies are never fun. Hope he's feeling better, and that you both will be able to sleep better. (he totally gets it from you, btw)