Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Second rate goods

So yesterday I begged Ella to watch Reed for me so I could take a nap as I was feeling a bit under the weather and completely exhaused from the ordeal the day before..... I tried so hard, but couldn't fall asleep. Instead this is what ran through my mind.

Back when I was a kid, 12 or so, I used to watch a movie a lot. One of the lines referred to girls that marry really young as, "Second rate goods that had to be sold in a hurry". If you can name the movie, you get the prize.

Anyway, I laughed and continued down this train of thought.

If this is true, then does that make me.....

An impluse buy that was later returned w/o being opened, that was then bought by someone else when it was on super clearance, then used, and then returned to the store?

You know, like once, I bought a DVD player when visiting my little sister in Thatcher so we could watch some movies we rented. But I knew I wasn't gonna keep the DVD player so we kept all the packaging and repacked it and returned it to the local Walmart. EXCEPT we forgot to take out the DVD that we had RENTED and had to go back to the return lady at Walmart and ask her to get the DVD back out of the DVD player. So much for being all smooth and crafty about "deciding we just didn't want that type of DVD player". I think we told the return lady that my "husband said no, that he wanted a name brand and he made me bring it back." Im not very good at lying, especially considering the rented copy of Moulin Rogue still inside.

But would I even be considered "bought"? Like was I put on Layaway but then never picked up so I was put on Super Clearance, BUT just got lifted cause even the super clearance price was too much, then I was used, and then returned to the store for store credit? So the crook made money in the process?

See this is why I cant ever get a nap.

"I don't want sunbursts or marble halls", I just want get bought one of these days.


likefireworks said...

Anne of Green Gables/Avonlea! No prize needed - the baby clothes are more than enough. Thanks for passing them along.

Flying Princess said...

Seriously! Em just posted and Lou already answered!

We totally need to get lives.

AND I always thougth you were much funnier than we were, so I guess we are even.


Blueyedmle said...

Im right there with ya'll on needing a life, Im just trying to kill time til I can go home, this is the bestest way. I think you should just forget PA and come back to AZ for good, we could have a blast.

Jenn said...

That's too easy. We used to watch that all the time..of course its Anne of Avonlea. Morgan Harris is the one who says it...I still have the set I bought down there, and when Morgan's old enough, she'll be an Anne fan too. Thanks for the walk down memory lane. Let me know when you want to stay up till 2am quoting Princess Bride again.

I'm so there! (Matt tries, and is actually pretty good, but its just not the same.)

greg and laurie said...

You and Jen watched Anne of Green Gables so many times, I could quote it too! Maybe, you should just consider yourself a test drive that guys do when they want to see what it feels like to drive a car they covet,(like a Porsche, Hummer,etc.) The car is out of their league,and they know it, but they want to see what it's like to drive it anyway. You are that car - and the right buyer will come along, someone that is in YOUR league and will appreciate the high-end person you are!