Monday, May 25, 2009

Another lesson from the fire-- Perspective

I realize the original thought that inspired the last blog entry was completely forgotten when I sat down to write the other day. So I will add it now.

As a was cleaning the soot off the wall, I looked up and noticed a huge spider web up in the corner. It was blackened like everything else. I looked around and found two other webs throughout the room, also dark with soot.

I always thought I was pretty good about cleaning up the corners of cobwebs, but the smoke from the fire had a way of really bringing to light some of the cobwebs that had been missed.

Hard times in life, like the fire, have a way of bringing out some of the little things that need attention. The little parts of our life like our character flaws or little bad habits, little idiosyncracies if youwill, that need cleaning or fine tuning can be magnified or highlighted during these times. And usually we do a couple of different things: We can either get discouraged and beat ourselves up for it, we can ignore that they were ever brought to our attention, or we can turn the trial into a learning experience and take the opportunity to correct our flaws.

With just a little effort, my sooty cobowebs were cleared away. Unfortunately, many of the metaphorical cobwebs require a little more time. But Im grateful for the subtle, kind reminder that there is still work to be done.

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