Sunday, May 24, 2009

Hells Kitchen

I set my kitchen on fire. OOPS. So this one's for you Jeanne. I was just getting back from the grocery store. Had a handful of groceries and a grouchy kid. Sent my sister w/said grouchy kid into my parents house. I went the the apartment w/groceries. I dropped purse and groceries that didn't need to be refrigerated onto floor next to my oven, put the eggs, milk and cheese into the fridge. Walked outside and into parents house. Said to my little sis, hey go get the leftovers from last night out of my apartment. I start a bath for Reed. She did, next thing I know, she comes running into the house to tell me my kitchen is on fire. I tell her to stay with Reed, run to the apartment find my range on fire, lots of black smoke, smell of burning plastic as I was draining clean sippy cups in my dish rack on top of said range.

Turns out, when dopping groceries and purse next to stove, my purse strap got caught on the back burner knob of my range. It turned on. I was in and then out so didn't notice anything. Because Millie went right out to get dinner from my room, she was able to catch it in time. She didn't know what to do, so she came and got me who just happened to have a fire extinguisher that was given to me by the Rural Metro Fire guy that inspects our fire extinguishers at work. Coincidental... I think not. Millie going out to my apartment to get me something, just after I came in? Happenstance?... nope. (Although, I end up making the girls do this all the time the poor things.) Me being calm enough to actually figure out how to make the fire extinguisher work... MIRACLE.

So the only damage consists of:

1. My back burner needs to be replaced as it is now covered in melted sippy cups.
2. The brand new sippy cups I just bought are melted to above mentioned burner.
3. A flame kissed pine shelf above the range. (I think it adds personality actually)
4. A wall that after being washed down, still has black residue in corners.

Tomorrow....Ill explain:

What was "gained" in the fire.....


sarabowles said...

Holy Crap Emily!! That is my worst fear. I am so glad that everything is okay. Mostly that everyone is ok. You are blessed....not just lucky. love you girl

Jeanne said...

YAY for the story...but even better YAY for Emily being able to be Miss Firefighter hero!!!

And way to look at your blessings. You are awesome Em...