Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dinnertime donts

So I was just reading my cousins blog and she mentioned that if you want good chinese you need to go visit Yum Yum Chinese (or something like that) at the Tempe Marketplace. She said it was better than my usual choice of Panda Express. Funny how yesterday, while speaking to a coworker, I was told NOT to eat at Panda, as his wife went to school with someone that worked there and advised against it. Bad news is I didn't get a reason why. But this is not the first time I have heard this.

I figured this would be a fun blog to open up to comments or to use as a tag, where you dont eat and why....

For Example: I do not eat at Waldo's BBQ anymore. A few years back I got a mixed dinner that included ribs. Yummy right? Yeah, yummy until I saw that attached to one of the ribs was the little piggy esophagus, GAG! I have never been back.

Example Number 2: Back in the foggy days, James' roommate was a prep cook at Pei Wei. Now most people think Pei Wei is a little higher end than your typical restaurant. (Chili's and such) Dont be fooled by the giant horsie statue outside. If you saw this cooks hygiene habits you wouldn't step foot in the place. Add to this an incident that I was made aware of. One night he got stinking drunk. Nasty stinking drunk (I think it was his birthday) Anyway, he got sick, didn't make it to the bathroom and instead Yacked in the corner of his room. Come the next morning, he got up just in time to leave for work, realized his work clothes (dirty from the day before anyway) just happened to be in the corner that he had yacked in the night before. NO big deal.... he shook them off, put them on and left for work. He was not sent home to change.

Example Number 3: When I went to St George one time, James and I stopped went to eat at Dave's BBQ. We were promptly seated and then promptly ignored for 30 minutes. Nothing. No one came to take a drink order, nothing. We left and Ive never been back to any of the Dave's BBQs because of it.

See Im really awful about restaurants. Once you have grossed me out or pissed me off, I will not ever go back. So if you have any suggestions for good alternatives Local or Not (ya never know when I may be in your neck of the woods) or have any other gross out stories (local or not) let me know.


Flying Princess said...


I like your colors.

I don't eat at a popular sushi place here (I can't remember the name, but it is across the street from the US Embassy) because we went once for their Friday night special which turned out to be food poisoning. That lasted about a week!@ Yuck!

I also don't eat at Macayo's (yes, the train in downtown Tempe) because it has sort of the same effect, but for a shorter period of time. And the burps are nearly as bad.

Oh, and Arbys always makes my tummy queasy, too.

That's all for now.

Blueyedmle said...

I use the colors to draw attention as I tend to run on and on and on. That way, you are drawn to the parts that are worth reading.