Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Just a quickie....

Sorry to all those yelling at me to update! We have been running around crazy lately. I haven't had much time for anything including keeping this silly thing updated. On top of the no time for anything schedule, my internet access has been very limited lately. Work is cracking down on non business internet use and my parents is currently down thanks to the unknown stranger that hijacked the computer. ASS. So it may take some catch up time. Sooner or later I will get some info up from Mothers Day. It was much better than last year!!

Reed is as horrible as ever. He gets it from his daddy. I swear. ;) But I love the look of pure mischief he gets in his eyes when he knows you are watching him do something he shouldnt. I am working real hard at learning not to laugh. Im not very successful so he thinks everything he does is cute. From harassing the cat, eating the cats food, playing with grandmas dishes, and running away from whoever is unlucky enough to have to change his diapers, he finds a way to make you want to beat him and kiss him and laugh at him all at the same time. SHEESH I am tired just thinking about it.
I promise everyone... I will get this silly thing updated. That way I will be ready to stick something in here for Reed's 1st b day... Can it be that time has flown by so quickly?