Monday, April 21, 2008

The boys...

James has returned from Idaho and is doing really well. Im glad to have the help of shared parenting time. It has also helped James to begin to understand what it took for me to be the solo parent all this time.
Reed has taken to James. I have to admit I was more than a little concerned. We had a week of slowing reintroduction... for the both of them. That way James could begin to understand Reed's cues and Reed would be comfortable around James.
I know what you are all thinking....Will this group become a family? I suppose its all yet to be determined. James I are building up trust and rebuilding our relationship as he continues to build his relationship with Reed. But as much as I would love to see everything work out for all of us, it will be a long arduous process... for me at least. I am excited and encourage James to build up his relationship and spend time with Reed. I am adamant that he needs his daddy. And its sweet to watch their interactions. So I guess time will tell for all of us.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Fight for Sleep

Since Reed has become more and more mobile and has the tendency to hang himself over the edge of the bed and drop (twice now he has fallen), I have realized that I have done a bad thing letting him sleep in my bed. Mind you I was never one of those hippie "family bed" kinda people, it was purely a convenience thing. Reed has become like a puppy. He crawls around finding pillows to lay on, then after trying them out for a few seconds changes positions a few times, and then moves on to another spot on the bed and the process starts again. Just when I think he is finally asleep he will roll himself over a couple times til he either has his back to the wall or I pick him up to get him away from the edge of the bed. Either way, it starts the search for the perfect spot all over again. When he finally does fall asleep, its usually in some crazy and very uncomfortable looking position. Sometimes his arms and head hanging off the corner of the bed, sometimes he falls asleep kneeling up against a stack of pillows, sometimes he is wedged between two pillows. He has even fallen asleep hanging over the side of me. (Now while I am as soft as any pillow I have, really its not comfortable for either of us.) Most frequently he sprawls himself right smack dab in the center of my bed, taking up the whole space. So I decided it was time to make him start sleeping in the crib again. He does for his naps while I am at work. Why not his own crib at home. (HA HA HA--This sounded a whole lot easier and a whole lot more rational in my head.) So the Crib fight continues. The pediatrician says I just need to let him cry. But what he doesnt understand is that we share a room and that just doesn't quite work. So I am afraid I will end up with a spoiled little brat... Which i already have.... But he is so very cute!!!