Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Breaking News: Im a threat to national security!

So I am aware of how quickly my blog is not read when I start getting all politically preachy. But this one was too rich to be ignored. So before you just skip down to the adorable pics of my son, give this a quick read.

I am officially a threat to national security. Really. Our fearless leader of Homeland Security, who according to herself has done more for national security than anyone else (this is when I huff with a sarcastic look in my eye--cause she didn't do jack crap for border control while our governor) has pronounced me so. Thanks Janet (bitch). How is this possible?

In a 9 page report issued last week she stated that the US is no longer threatened by international terrorist such as we are battling in Iraq. No, they aren't a threat. Neither are the millions of illegals bringing over drugs and abusing our system and draining our states of much needed funds. No, they aren't a threat either. They are all under control. The big threat to our country (are you ready for it??) are extreme conservatives. She went on to define "extreme conservatives" to include basically any conservative in general. I would be attenting the tea party tomorrow if it weren't for work. I believe the national govt is out of control. I am therefore an "extreme conservative" and a threat to my country.

YEAH!!!!! I kinda gives me a sense of pride. Funny how Im not a violent person. I try to follow the "rules" as best I can. I try to take care of myself and my son. (Although I do participate in the WIC program.) I get angry when patients come driving up to PT in brand new lifted trucks and hand me their AHCCCS (medicaid) insurance cards with finely manicured nails just before they answer a very important call on their blackberry. Im not happy with the government and I agree with the Texas governor who stated, "I believe that our federal goverment has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens and its interference with affairs of our state." I may need to move to Texas soon. You know they are the only state in the union that have it written into the constitiution that they can legally secede from the union at any time. They are also the only state that can fly their flag above the US flag. Interesting....Too bad the weather is so horrible and the landscape so barren. But I digress.

So if any of you out there qualify to be a national threat too, congrats!!! Its sad when defenders of the constitution and basic freedoms become an enemy of the nation. Kinda backwards isn't it?

Tomorrow I will be wearing a tax protest shirt of my own designing and wishing I was at the local tea party. And if I get just one person to ask me about it and why I am wearing it, I will have accomplished my goal. And if any of you actually read this the whole way through dispite your lack of interest in my political spoutings, I will have accomplished yet another goal. And if by chance I have sent out a little spark that caught in anyone else and caused them to get involved and begin to question the abuse of power going on in our federal goverment (and locally) then I think I deserve a pat on the back by way of the local dairy queen.


Jeanne said...

I'm a threat too... :D YAY!!! Let's go us! If we get to Texas first, we'll save a spot for you and Reed!

Adam and Emily said...

I agree with you wholeheartedly....btw...East Texas is very nice very woodsy...I think that would be a nice place to live.