Monday, September 8, 2008

Loose ends

So September seems to be Loose Ends month. Or they tie-ing of loose ends month. My court hearing for both the bankruptcy and child support are both this month, in fact...within a week of each other. Its nice to be on the downhill with it all but its exhausting to wrap my mind around. I just hope that finalizing everything will help to pull me out of the past and help me to look forward to the future (on so many levels far beyond the obvious). I am scared to death to think of what the future will hold, but thank goodness it will be a far cry from the past few years. And there is so much of me actually ready to move forward. Our stake just formed a singles ward and I am thinking about going one week, just to assess. See if there is anyone my age. (Doubt it as I could only be a member of that ward for less than a year as I turn 31 next July, but hey, you never know.) I have also been looking at apartments in the area. That way Reed can have his own room and I can have a little more living space. Im afraid to commit to that, as I would be relying on the actual child support to be able to make rent, but I cant see being in mom and dad's apartment for much longer. The small space of the studio is killing me and Reed has no place to play in it. Anyway, no point in this, just burning a little anxiety and a little time at work.

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