Monday, September 1, 2008

Can Sarah Save Us?

I may not have mentioned it the blog but I have always been very outspoken about how I feel about politics. Specifically about politicians. The problem with politics is that it is run by politicians. The last thing our government or any other for that matter needs is to be run by is politicians. So our vote inevitably goes to the lesser of the two evils. The catch 22 of the whole problem is: Politicians want the job. Anyone who is qualified and would actually do a good job without keeping only their own best interest in mind, doesn't want the job. Those who have no business running the country are the ones actually stepping up and all over each other to get it.
I have been very disenchanted with this current election especially. I saw a man who might do a pretty good job drop out of the race because of the way we Republicans divvy up the electoral votes. He was a strong consisitant second through all of the states primaries, while our final choice John McCain came in dead last multiple times. I dont get it. I think we do ourselves a disservice by not following a popular vote process. In the end, I think all Americans are frustrated knowing that our individual vote is not as meaningful as it should be and as meaningful as we have a right for it to be.
In the end, my vote would only have meaning by me trying to keep someone out of the office because of his complete lack of understanding about the majority of the American people and what we need and because of his, dare I say it, very socialist views.
Both my mom and I talked about wanting another option. Wishing that we could write in a "Ron Paul" or another non party and actually drum up enough people that wanted to vote NONE OF THE ABOVE. Unfortunately we know that it would only serve to divide the conservative vote and provide help for the socialist mentioned above.
So imagine my surprise when I googled the Republican Vice President Elect. She a no bullshit kinda girl. Its beautiful. The more I read about the Alaskan governor the more I liked her. And while she cant just jump in and make McCain take a back seat, she is not a lady that will be a VP in name only. Her hands on approach to getting the job done and continually looking for ways to improve it is exciting.
Just to be sure I wasn't just reading a very one sided view of her, I called up my girl Jen in Alaska to see what a local (in the same town as Sarah Palin) had to say about the choice for VP. She had much the same to say. Nothing bad. In fact the only thing the Democrats can say is that it is foolish to put such an unexperienced VP in the position when McCain is so clearly two steps into the grave already. Seriously, is that all you got? Cause McCains team made quite a point that she accomplished far more in her year in as a Governor than Obama has in his whole political career.
So can Sarah save us? I sure hope she gets the opportunity to try cause she is exactly what we need. She can tell the good ol boy club up there in Washington to go **** themselves and to get to work for what really matters. And if what all I have read is true, she will.

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Jeanne said...

I agree Em!!! I am very impressed with Sarah Palin, and feel good about voting for her. I watched her acceptance speech, and wanted to cheer for her.

Let's hope she wins, and is able to get some stuff done!!