Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Just as requested... For you James

I must preface this blog entry. For all those faint of heart, those who don't want dirty laundry and those who feel I need to be more discriminating about my subjects this is not an entry you want to read.

James, called me wondering why I hadn't updated everyone with the current circumstances. When I told him I had, I just gave an overarching "life is stressful" statement, he didn't see that it was the same thing and again questioned why I hadn't written about him. So here is the James update, Just for you buddy!!

James has relapsed. I, by what could only be divine inspiration asked for another drug test, which he refused, again. (2 in the last how many months... 4) So that's twice now he has been caught using. (Yes the last time I lied, after all the hullaballo about me airing dirty laundry and such, I actually lied for him....)

I told him his chances to change are over and now I will do all I can to protect Reed from him and his addictions. I begged him to sign his rights away. His response was of course no.... although he hardly uses his parenting time, has never paid a dime of child support and is only a risk to both Reed and I.

Since then he has called the courts to find out when the child support case is. See, he didn't want to pay the filing fee so its a default case, and he just signed that he agreed with the terms of the parenting plan and child support amount. I was the only one supposed to go before the judge. But now that the agreement isn't good for him (Under the agreement if he has a positive drug screen or refuses to take one then it is up to my discretion when and if he can see Reed) he wants to go plead with the judge to change it.

Funny how it always has to be about him, not whats best for Reed. So everyone... applaud with me for the Father of the Year. Congrats on your accomplishments. Its your day!!

PS. Is this what you had in mind, James?


Lunt Family said...

Emily, I am so happy that Reed has you in is life. You are a terrific mother and I know you will always do what is best for Reed. In all the pictures you post he is so happy and so when you are having bad days just remember you have a terrific son who loves you. Give me a call sometime and we can get the boys together to play when life slows down for you. Keep up the great job.

greg and laurie said...

My comment is - he can't be Father of the Year - he's not a father - he's a sperm donor. A Father would want to protect his son, not endanger him. A father wants to be his best self as an example for his children, not be a slave to his own selfish addictions. Once, again, you go girl! I'm proud of you - keep fighting for your son!

{tiffany} thomson said...

Emily- this sounds incredibly hard. I have seen many a women go through what you are and everytime I am amazed at a woman's inate drive to protect and care for their children. You are such a woman. And your adorable son is so blessed to have such a wonderful mommy. My husband has a cousin that lives near you that is in a very similar situation- RM, single mom... yada yada. I was thinking about you both last night and thought it would be great for you guys to meet- you know someone you could comiserate with. If you are interested send me phone number and email address {} If your not no big deal!

Adam and Emily said...

You know Emily... I applaud you. I read about disfunctional families all day long. And usually it both parents acting like that. Using the child as a barganing tool. I think it is wonderful that you have Reed's best interest in mind. I also read about drug users all day, and I'm sorry you have to deal with someone like that. Keep strong sista! I will keep you and Reed in my prayers that everything will work out for you two. And remember, people who do bad things always have it coming to them. That's what keeps me from punching people in the face =)

Jeanne said...

Em, people have said pretty much what I think...

You are a fantastic woman and mother. Reed is so blessed that you are his mommy!!

Hang strong, there are people in your corner that you don't realize are there.

Love ya!!