Monday, September 29, 2008

Reed Tag

Name: Reed Oren Thompson

Age: 14 months

Nicknames: Reedo, Reeder, Reedo Bandito, Reeder BaDeeder, Reeder Roo, Lil Man, Pooper, Lil Poop, Bug, Boo-ger, etc, etc

Favorite activities: Playing in the hose, going to the park, getting into trouble (playing in the toilet, playing with the water cooler, etc)

Favorite Foods: Applesauce, bananas. Sometimes spaghetti. He is a super picky eater

Favorite music: We sing Old McDonald a lot. He also loves to dance when the Sponge Bob theme song comes on. (not something Im proud of)

Favorite toys: Balls, cars, and anything he shouldn't be playing with

Favorite book: Picture books with peek a boo flaps.

Favorite item of clothing: Are you kidding me? Im lucky to get clothes on him at all.

What makes him happy: Pulling the cats tail, poofing someone elses tummy, going for walks, spending time with Papa, Sponge Bob. (again, not proud)

What makes him sad: Getting told "no". Having to get into his carseat.

I tag whoever wants to show off their little kiddo...


Adam and Emily said...

Oh now.... don't be so hard on SpongeBob! Even to this day, Adam and I will sit and watch it if it is on! Yeah Reed!! And it's absolutely fine to be 28 and be able to sing the theme song. Even when everyone at work is making fun of you... They are just jealous, Reed, they are all jealous! =)

Lunt Family said...

I am so glad you did this tag. I had a lot of fun thinking about the different things Logan likes and dislikes and I am also glad to see that Reed also likes cartoons and spongebob. Sometimes I wonder if I let Logan watch to much TV and so I am happy to hear other children liking different shows. It is my sanity at times. I am glad to hear Reed is doing so well.