Saturday, September 13, 2008

Walk to the Park

So, the weather has cooled a little. (Meaning the mornings are no longer above 100 degrees) So to kill time before the morning nap, Reed, Millie, Ella and I walked to the park. This is the first time it has been cool enough and Reed has been big enough to really enjoy the park.

He squealed over the ducks and tried to chase after them. (He walks about like Tommy on Rugrats, he teeters and its pretty funny to watch.) So watching him try to get the ducks was a riot.

He loved the swings, until he realized how high he was swinging. And he loved the slide, til we tried to get him to go down it all alone. Good thing he had his auties to help.


Lunt Family said...

It is so nice that the weather is finally cooling down. We definitely need to get the boys together sometime.

{tiffany} thomson said...

Emily! Hey I saw your blog on Shaunasee's- you are so funny- How are you doing? Your little boy is cute! I have two myself :)check out my blog-