Tuesday, January 27, 2009


So I got this TAG a long time ago, I just never did follow through. I will do so now. Basically ya get to list "quirky" traits or tendencies about yourself. Maybe I put it off cause there were just way too many to list. But I have narrowed down to just a couple.

1. I eat my M&M's in groups. I will explain. If I were to grab a handful of M&M's I have to see which color I have the least of, I then eat the colors I have more of until I have the equal amounts of each color. Then I eat them in groups so I always have the same number of each color. This would also apply to Skittles (although I dont eat Skittles nearly as often)

2. I hate seeing random tape hanging up places. I used to work in a cubicle and management would hang up papers for reference. They would last a while until they finally fell off, leaving a strip of tape on the wall, holding nothing up. It drove me nutty nuts. On slow days at work I would sit and pick the tape off the wall and fold it up into a little ball o tape for the day. The more the tape, the more successful the day. I sat at different cubicles just so I would have tape to clean up. Today, I was in my bosses office for a conference call and I noticed some tape on a cabinet in there. It took everything I had not to sit and pick it off during the call. I would have if I was the only person in there but there were three of us and they already think Im crazy.

3. I always have to break down numbers in funny ways. Im always trying to find ways that they relate to each other. I hope I can start to explain this to make this kinda make sense. An easy example: My suite number at work is 101 as in 1+0=1. Seems dumb, but it gets worse with phone numbers. Take mine for example. 518-5067. I pick it apart and so I see it as if I start with 5 and add 1 eventually you get to 8. But if you were to add 5 to 0 you would still have 5 then 6 and 7. I do this all the time. I think it comes from too many math classes with those fill in the next number in a sequence problems. It drove me nuts when I watched Lost because I kept trying to find some reasoning behind the number sequence in the reoccuring magic numbers. But any group of numbers or sequence of numbers...lock combinations, phone numbers, etc. get overanalysed just trying to see some pattern or way the relate. EEKE.

4. Vacuuming. This one is especially OCD of me. I love having carpet that leaves vacuum lines. (Which I currently dont have) When I vacuum, I vacuum so it leaves perfect little triangles (kinda like the carpet cleaners leave) and each line of triangles matches up with the next line and are the same size. I also vacuum myself out of the room so that there are no footprints and no odd vacuum lines interrupting my little lines of triangles. I have messed up my triangles and started over just to get them just so. Funny considering I am not a neat freak.

These are just some of my quirks. So now, whoever would like to make me feel a little less freakish can post their quirks on their own blog or as a comment. Or if you have any insight as to what these quirks are correlated with or what they tell you about me, that would be fun too. I love playing psychologist, dont you???


Flying Princess said...

Um, I say ditto with 1, 2 and 3 (also license plates drive me nuts because some of those darn cars move so fast!!) but, I don't think I have the same vacuuming thing since I HATE vacuuming. The noise... the work... the not really noticing a difference... I'd much rather mow the lawn.

We must be related, seriously!

Lunt Family said...

I want to know how you actually recognize those quirky habits. I know I have quirky habits probably similar to yours but I don't think I would recognize them. Good job analyzing yourself.

Jenn said...

That's hilarious. I eat my M&M's the same way. But I thought that was totally normal. Doesn't everyone eat them that way? LOL