Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First and Foremost....

So we were looking at the blog the other day at work and a coworker/friend was giving me a hard time about my profile. He asked why moms always say, Im a mom "first and foremost". I told him he was obviously not a parent and didn't understand just how time or life consuming it is. But he gave me crap none the less. He said it was trite and I needed to fix it. So for you Kris... I have revised my profile.
After writing this and changing my profile I have come to the conclusion that I just need to learn how to tell people to just "jump off" and not be so accomodating to people's crappy opinions.
From now on when people ask I will say that I am a smart ass --First and Foremost! :)

On a completely different train of thought, after looking back at the stupid Photo tag post, I have decided I have a gigantic nose and have shyed away from the camera since. It is now added to my list of way too big body parts which include my arms, my ass and my thighs. Notice boobs did not make the list (sad face) LOL. On a happier note, my ankles did not make the list. Although they topped it during my last 2 months pregnant with Reed, they have since returned to a respectable, dainty circumference.

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Lovin Family said...

Dammit is one of my favs by the way, and I think your nose is cute!