Monday, January 26, 2009

Bad attitude

These past couple weeks have been a pain. The other front office lady has been out sick and so I have spent my days running around like a crazy lady hoping I can get everything done. Leave it to the central billing office to choose these past 2 weeks to roll out 3 different "projects" to work on during our downtime (but have done by the end of the week...) I couldn't even get the regular stuff done.... So I have come home from work every night, exhausted.
Add to that a yearly physical that turned into a blood test cause my body is out of control right now. Add to that the insurance not covering the meds to help said crazy out of control body be normal (or as normal as possible.) I have been told if I don't get my health under control I will have major problems. (Cause the ones now aren't major yet. I guess.)
Add to that Reed being sick for a week. (Read: Grouchy baby and snot on my shoulder, at all times. I have stopped wearing black because of it.) Add to that Reed's check up where we got referred to an ENT specialist because he has sleep apnea and needs his adenoids removed.
Add to that I have to give up or at least minimize my Diet Pepsi cause of above health problems. Cant imagine how I could make it through the day w/o my pepsi.
Add to that the nurse also told me I needed to take "me time". HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
I could keep adding but my head hurts too much--another perk of my health problems.

So I have decided I have a bad attitude.

But I walked into work today and I wasn't alone.
And while waiting for the Dr. today, Reed made me laugh out loud when he told me no and shook his head at me. (This will probably be the only time I think its funny but his verbal skills are still limited and I love when he uses his big boy words)
And the sandwich lady at Sprouts greeted me by name today.
And I get done with work in 2 minutes
And I have dinner and a movie waiting for me at home (dinner, thanks to mom, and a movie courtesy of Reed and PIXAR)
So I have to remember that I have things to have a good attitue about.


greg and laurie said...

Em - I could tell you to "hang in there, it will get better", but you don't want to hear that right now, so.... You might try what I do, every now and then, have a really BIG pity party for yourself and then start over the next day with a new attitude until things build up again and you start all over with the pity party. Love ya'
Mom C

sarabowles said...

After reading this I don't feel so bad about my life. Thanks for making me feel better, Emily. I don't think I could ever give up my diet coke. I am sorry you have to cut back on Pepsi. That right there would give me a bad attitude. I have cut down a considerable amount though. Only 32 oz a day instead of the 64 oz I was used to. Good luck!

Jenn said...

Here's something I learned over the past few years. When it comes to your trials, don't sweat the small stuff. It only magnifies your problems. And when it comes to the blessings in your life, apreciate the little things. THey are so brief, but if you can see them for what they are, you'll come away with a smile.

There, hope that wasn't too preechy.