Saturday, October 11, 2008

Just another day....

No big news from the homefront. Im done training in Ahwatukee and will now be able to go back to work next week in Mesa. (It really wasn't such a horrible thing, cause I was training Nan who just got hired on. Its just a far drive and I was having to work Ahwatukee in the mornings and East Mesa in the evenings...LONG DAYS )Anyway, I was training Nan. I swear that girl is charmed. I went to work in Ahwatukee 2 weeks ago to train the new hire... Who never showed up, just left a phone message saying nevermind. At that same time, Nan was getting word that they had to downsize where she worked and she would be the one let go. She came home crying to my dad that night. And he just told her not to worry it would all work out. So by Tuesday, Nan had been interviewed, hired and allowed to start training the next day. Meanwhile, the economy was falling apart all around and I heard story after story of people that have been looking for jobs for months. She is charmed....or a favorite or something. But that really wasn't what I was going to talk about, it just interesting to see the timing of everything. Now if I could just get everything to fall into place for me. A date maybe, quick engagement.... LOL.

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