Thursday, October 23, 2008


This day will not end. I swear I have been at work for so long I cant see straight. What is it that makes some days fly by and some last forever? And why is it always the ones that last forever that you wish would end and the ones that fly by you wish would last forever?
Wow, if that wan't a murphy's law, I dunno what is.

And now I figure I will kill time by writing, but I really don't have anything to say. Well, I always have something to say... But I dont want to get started on politics again. It makes me queasy to even think about it. And not much to say about Reed. He is doing good. Been cranky lately and running a fever. I didn't think to much of it until he had his 15 month check up and realized he has an ear infection. So at least we found the reason for his grouch fest.

Im still fighting the Gall Bladder Blues... Well post op blues. My weight is out of control and for all the searching for answers all I have found are big forums filled with people just as frusterated as I am. I have yet to find anyone with answers, unless they are trying to sell something. (Isn't that how it always is?

Oh well, enough of my grouch fest for now...

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