Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Maybe Ive been watching too much Glenn Beck. But I am furious about all this bailout garbage. Now that being said, YOU MUST WATCH THIS UTUBE VIDEO.


This just solidifies my vote. Obama is scary. Socialist Scary. A BIG OLD LIAR. I cant scream it loud enough.

How many "unfortunate" aquaintences can one person have? Rev. Wright that hates the US and preaches against the "whities"?, the crazy bomber guy that terrorizes the US, ACORN?, or those people that want to break off anything south of the mason dixon and become their own country.... It never stops. I cannot stomach to look at the man anymore.

And after watching the video you see all his connections to Fannie and Freddie and how he and the other democrats rode the company down and collected millions for it. EVEN PRESIDENT CLINTON SPOKE OUT AGAINST THEM!!! President,"I didn't have sexual relations with that woman" Clinton tried to warn them.

Right now, Hillary is looking like a damn good alternative. At least with the Clinton's we know what to expect. I could handle another 4 even 8 years of the Clintons--- if the country must have a Democrat (because, you know, its the Republicans fault the economy is falling apart. Not useless Pelosi, not Barney Frank --who should be incarcerated in my opinion) But if we must have a Democrat... why the HELL does it have to be Obama!!! Its a nightmare!!!!

So watch it, try not to throw up. I want to I get so angry when I watch it. The gaul the Dems had when they acted all insulted that the government would even waste their time investigating inconsistancies in Fannie's and Freddie's books. How they swore there was nothing wrong. That we were trying to fix something that wasn't broken. Well guess what... They are all a bunch of LIARS and once again.... Omaba is all over in the scandal. How anyone could ever want to vote for him is insanity.

Now Im not a huge fan of McCain. Im not convinced I can even call myself a Republican. But honestly... OBAMA is not the solution, he is not the change we need. He is a nightmare and will strip and tax away everything this country stood for. EVERYTHING!!!

PS Hey all you gov officials, nice to see how the bailout worked out so well for us all, I didn't think my 401K could be any more useless than it already was, then I saw the DOW drop even more yesterday. Glad you all came in and spent my 700 billion and saved us.

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