Saturday, August 16, 2008

"Honk for Jesus"

So I'm driving down the road today. Reed screaming because he doesn't want to be in his carseat. I get to the corner of Gilbert and Southern and there is this guy with a huge sign. (Now people on the corner with huge signs happen all the time, but for some reason I actually looked to see what it said.) I was expecting a CARWASH sign or something of the sort but it said "HONK FOR JESUS". OK.... SO religious zealots are not unusual in Mesa. Go down main street and you will see the wierd Hand Dancer guy (if you live in Mesa you know who I am talking about) that says his hands dont keep still cause of his joy for Jesus. I think hes nutty nuts. But thats ok. OR there is also the guy that walks around that same area with a huge cross. Sometimes he comes out for the Easter Pagent or Christmas lights or even around the seminary buildings to tell all the Mormons they are going to hell. But never have I actually seen someone with a HONK FOR JESUS sign.

So me being the brat I am started thinking. If you are gonna do something for Jesus, you should at least make it more productive. I wish I would have had the time and I would have gone to the next street corner with a sign that says something like... "Be nice to each other for Jesus, Drive safe for Jesus, Serve for Jesus." And while I am glad that someone is trying to remind us of Christian values, holding a sign up saying "honk for Jesus" just doesn't quite strike me as a useful time spent.

So as Im getting ready to type this out it comes to me. And I know I might have said something before about my theory. But it is kinda like our prayers. When we pray is it just a "shout out" of thanks? When we ask for something is it just a request for something needed or wanted? If it is, I think we (cause Im just as guilty as the next person) I think we need to rethink what we are asking for. Insead of asking for a, b, or c, ask for the spirit to guide you on how to obtain it. For example: It drives me super crazy when people pray for the missionaries. Especially when they ask for the missionaries to find people to teach. (Now this is most likely because of my mission days and members prayers are not enough to keep missionaries busy.) Instead, pray that you will recognize your own missionary opportunites and have the courage to follow through.

So before you start getting the hypocrite stones out, believe me I am just as guilty. But dont you think its refreshing for the Lord to actually have someone being proactive instead of just asking for things to be handed to them. How refreshing for someone simply to be able say: I know I will have the guidance I need from you Lord, this is my goal, please just help me recognize Your guidance when it comes and help me not be scared to follow through. I think that second part is critical and usually my critical downfall.

Ok so enough of my sermon. But next time you wanna do something for Jesus, honking or telling others to honk is probably not very effective. And just praying for stuff without putting in some effort on your part is probably not much different.

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greg and laurie said...

Here you go again, impressing me with your wisdom. Thank you! You really gave me something to think about today. I love you!