Saturday, August 23, 2008

Flashbacks from my earlier days in the circus

So, for some reason, Thursday night, Reed decided to resort back to his colicky days. I actually think this was worse, but my memory of those sleepless nights are vey foggy, cause I was very foggy back then. Either way, Reed cried from 7 pm (usual sleep time) to 3:30 am. He would fall asleep for about 15 minutes and then wake up screaming. When I tried to calm him, it became pretty clear that he was still asleep. So I listened to this all night. Just when I thought he was finally good and deep asleep and about the time I was falling asleep it would start up again. NOTHING PRODUCES INSANITY FASTER THAN THIS!!! So finally about 3:30pm as it started again, and I started to lose it as I had been training the new girl all week and I was tired from that and a cranky Reed the night before, I finally picked him up, walked him over to grandma's and burst into tears as I explained that I needed at least 2 hours of sleep to survive Friday.

Mom, being wonder woman that she is said: "you should have brought him in earlier." I just continued to blubber and cry and then just walked back to the apartment (still hearing Reed screams behind me) It took me a bit to calm down so I could sleep but I crashed hard and before I knew it my alarm was blaring 5:30 alreadly. There were not enough four letter words in the English language or any other for that matter to express my feelings.

Last night, thank heavens, was much better.... Just woke up screaming 3 times. (Night terrors.... not colic, not bad night habits... just night terrors. Ive been all over the internet trying to find some sort of quick fix but to no avail. Mom said I just need to make sure he is absolutely awake and then he will go back to sleep, but really there is no real solution to keep it from happening. But I will keep looking cause Im going nutty nuts)

Anyway, I dont know what my point in all this was. Maybe to say, thanks mom. Maybe to say wow, now I know why she is crazy. Maybe just to vent. And a lot of it to say, single parenthood sucks. But thank heavens we have hit the weekend and I can try to catch up. Either way, Im gonna go take a nap.


David and Taryn said...

Emily, I saw the comment you left on my blog a while back and am sorry it took so long to say hi! It is always so great to hear from long lost friends and I love that so many people now blog so we can keep in touch. I didn't realize that you are a single mom until this post. I went back and read a few of your older posts and have to give you a HUGE pat on the back for parenting alone cause I can't imagine how hard it is. There are some days that I can't wait til Dave gets home to hand Spencer off to him so I don't go insane. I really admire your strong testimony and all the fun things you do with Reed. Keep in touch.

(Sorry about writing a novel!)

Lisa Meyer said...

Crying is never fun. Yet, to go on so long and have nothing that helps it I am so sorry. I hope it gets better. Going with out sleep is impossible to due without going insane at some point. Hope it gets better real soon.

Jeanne said...

So I get to look forward to THIS!??!??! I'm excited to start down this road actually. Good luck with Mr. Reed and hopefully you both get good sleep tonight.

Love ya!