Sunday, August 10, 2008

Reeds 1st Campout

First of all, I just need to say.... WHAT WAS I THINKING? A one year old, camping. Thanks to my family for helping me to wrangle him in and keep me sane. Or as sane as possible.
It was a very pleasant trip, for all the chasing down Reed and trying to keep him out of trouble and entertained. (No sponge bob...) It was wonderful to escape from the heat. It was pretty much overcast and cool, and rained every afternoon. Reed loved being outside but hated that we still tried to contain him. He refused to wear shoes and so I had to keep him close by away from the catclaw and ant hills.
We had trouble at night, at least the first night. Reed didn't have a nightlight and woke up crying every hour or so. So Papa drove into ShowLow and bought him his own little LED lantern so he could keep it on all night. After that we slept much better.

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