Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Looking for inspiration

So in an attempt to really get me enthusiastic about writing again, (I have had a bit of a dry spell lately), I have been looking for outside catalysts to help. This is what I have found so far.

-- What seems mundane and trivial is the very stuff that discovery is made of. Edward Lindaman

-- Better to write for yourself and have no public, than write for the public and have no self. Cyril Connolly

--Never hope more than you work. Rita Mae Brown

The last is now vinyl on my wall. But in order to be more "positive" its reads: Work as hard as you wish. I like it. (Although I think some days I tend to read and say, "I do not wish to work today....") But it got me motivated enough to open up my files and read the little I have already written. Now I just gotta commit to getting more down. Thanks to Amy for continuing to kindly remind me that I need to get to work.

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