Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Deal, AKA the Raw Deal

So a few days ago Mom told me I needed to do a follow up. She said that there were probably more than a few people thinking that I had cancer or something.
The good news is that the bad news is not health related. Although I have developed a head cold and the bad news may eventually effect my health....
But No, nothing so severe as that. As I mentioned before, at any other time in my life this wouldn't even be a blip on my radar. I woulda bitched about it for a day and then moved on. But not so. Its funny how all of the sudden things change when ya got a kid in tow. All the sudden you jump to how things effect them. Sure, at most its an inconvenience for me, but for Reed... its a complete change in routine. Which for a two year old is no small thing.... As some of you may know.
Anyway, work gave me a kind of ultimatum. I could move to the Central Phoenix office or I could get laidoff. When I asked for some kind of monetary compensation. They said no, I was just lucky to have a job.... ASSES!!!
So instead of the posh set up I had working 2 miles from home, working 4 days a week, working with people I like.... I now have a 45 minute commute (on a good day.... 25 miles from home), I work 5 days a week, with another front office girl that seems to be quite unhappy that I am here. (add to that the financial aspect.... another day of daycare to pay for and a whole lot more gas to pay for. And with the disappearance of child support, Im feeling a bit pinched.... More like sunk....)
So if you have recieved an email regarding my current job hunt. YEAH!!! Please keep an eye out. If you haven't, its probably cause you dont live in AZ. But if you have any out of state prospects worth looking into feel free to send them on. I would probably consider it at this point.

So to sum up. No, Im not dying. Im just really good at finding new things to bitch about.


Jenn said...

There's always chiropractors up here looking for message theropists to bring into their office. I don't know if you'r still doing that or not, but I thought it might be worth mentioning.

Blueyedmle said...

I am. Im not currently licensed for AZ. But I dont know what kind of requirements AK has. That and I just dont think that James would let me take Reed so far away. (Like he should have a say anyway...But he does.)