Tuesday, March 31, 2009

My Old Pal

I just wanted to give some love to my old stand by. He saves the day over and over again, and even though I only give him love when I need him, he is always there tucked away in my drawer for when I get careless.

Yesterday was a potluck at work. I, being very cautious, decided to take taco soup and just put it together when I got there. That way, I wouldn't spill it all over my truck or all over myself in transport. Dummy me wore a white shirt. I was a mess. I dont even know where the first spill came from, but my pen made it disappear. Then I spilled on me when I went to stir my taco soup. (Red... messy) But my pen saved me again. Then, I accidently marked myself with my pen. DAMMIT... But my Tide pen saved me again. (something it isn't even made to take out. Its just for food spills.) THEN--- I spilled when actually eating at our pot luck lunch. Im a wreck!!! But once again, my pen saved me. Needless to say, I should never wear white, but I always do anyway. And so I am glad to have my little old pal to save me!

FYI: I should have been paid for this little commercial, but no luck!!!

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sarabowles said...

Emily, that is so funny. I am have never used one of those before, but after reading this ad for the tide pen, I am going to get me some.