Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Pat me on the back

Hey, I just thought I would let everyone know that this is day 2 for Reed without a bottle!!!! Im so proud of myself for not giving in. That first night was pure hell and I am blaming my very intense headache today on the past 2 nights without the damn thing. Reed is starting to accept it, although very angry at first. (He threw his sippy cup across the room any time I tried to give it to him to let me know just what he thought...) YEAH for me!!! I didn't cave.


Flying Princess said...


Go you. I'm pretty sure my baby was dehydrated for about a week when she got rid of hers. At least you are not in the heat of summer where dehydration can be a serious problem. And those sippy cups are by no means leak proof, are they?

Lunt Family said...

It is so hard not giving in so good job. I hope the weaning process goes well. Logan would drink everything but milk from a sippy cup but had to have the bottle for the milk. Taking the bottle away was hard and the first few night were hard but it does get better. Good job. Way to stick with your guns.

Marleys! said...

Whats up! Glad you found me. My wife has been glued to your blog. Your son is adorable and we should meet up when we are down there again. We were there for Christmas. All my family lives there and we refuse to visit between the months of april-sept. Plus we are poor.