Thursday, July 17, 2008


So I have been told I am too negative and that I say too much. And so I have been mulling over just how to respond... My initial reaction is, "if you don't like it, don't read it!" To be fair this did start out as a means of getting pics of Reed out to the far reaches easily. In writing as time passed, it morphed into something else. And while I guess I have a false sense of anonymity, I know those that really know me, love me despite the "dirty laundry".

So what comes next? I almost shut this thing down altogether. But I knew I would start up another one, posting much the same. So after much thinking through, this is my solution.

Instead of starting from scratch and limiting my audience, I will remain at this address. If this is not info you want or need to know, feel free to stop reading. I will provide updated Reed pics as frequent as it is requested through my email.

In addition, I will clear up a matter of some controversy. And that is the portent of information about Reeds dad. From the beginning, I said I didn't care what all the adults in Reed's life thought of each other, as long as he didn't know. We could all hate each other for all I care. Just dont tell him that. So this blog is gray in that it has come to my attention that it colors James in what I have been told is an unfair way and at some point (in the far future, in some odd chance of the fates...not really sure how) Reed may get access to this. If this is the case, Reed and I will have a long talk at that point. As far as my perspective on James, let me go on the record of saying: James is doing fabulously. He has made several leaps and strides in the past year. I am proud of how far he has come and I gain more and more trust in him as a father and person in general as I watch the changes he is making. In addition, I recognize how much he as overcome up to this point and I am amazed at that progress in such short time. I, being human, need more time and more of the same positive behavior before I can truly say I can put my full faith in him. But I do not doubt he can do it , if he wants to.

So to recap... I will state again that this blog has become something different than what it began. You can choose to lose the web address and never visit again. You can peek in now and again and just look at the pics. What ever you chose I ask that you accept my decision to continue to blog and I will try to be more "fair" in my writing and more "discriminating" in my subjects. But this is me, guys. And what I have gained from my putting my thoughts and feeling and the support and love I have felt from those who choose to respond is more helpful than anyone can imagine.


Jenn said...

I think your doing incredibly well, and salute your amazing ability to care for your son and still deal with what I can only imagine is a very dificult and less than ideal situation. (with Reed's dad, not Reed. What an adorable cutie pie!) Kudos to you Em!

greg and laurie said...

You go girl! A blog is more of a journal than anything in my opinion. You should put in it whatever is in you heart or head at the time - the masses be damned if they don't like it! No one HAS to read it. I personally LOVE your thoughts. You're doing a great jog - you have expressed thoughts and feelings that most, if not all young mothers have had, and gained wisdom by doing so. Keep it up. I love you and think Reed is as cute as can be!