Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Reed Turns One

I haven't had a chance to get this posted yet. I promise I will get the pictures up just as soon as I can.
Reed is one. Wow, where did the year go. My mom nailed it when she said the time flew by until you start breaking down the different milestones and all of the chaos of the past year. (And it has been a jam packed year.)
I spent the day before Reed's birthday, going through my day step by step. Last year at this time is when I went into the hospital, this is when my water broke, this is when I gave up and got an epidural... etc. What a flood of memories that brought.
Reed had a fabulous birthday. He spent the evening with family. Aunt Jordan helped him blow out his candle, but he needed no help in eating his share of the cake. After his sugar binge, he took a moment to show off all his tricks. He stood up unassisted for a very long time and he took a few steps. (He would rather crawl than walk, even though he can.) And then he discovered presents. It didn't take him long to catch onto the routine. He was more than spoiled by all that attended. And by the time we were done the family room was covered in paper and boxes and toys.
I just wanted to take a moment and say thanks to everyone for all the love, support and help. WE SURVIVED YEAR ONE!!! I wouldn't have made with all the troops rallying behind me. Here's to the years to come.

I promise the pictures are coming soon.

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