Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Just your basic beginning

Hey everyone. I know its bare bones... but you gotta start somewhere, right?? No big news. Just the day to day usual has been going on. My sweet Reed is doing fantastic. He is mobile and into everything. He has become a trouble radar. I can see it in his eyes. His favorite game is to pull the cat's tail. And yesterday he ate his first handful of dirt. He has discovered the fun of splashing in water --both in the bathtub and in Papa's waterfall. And after a lovely Saturday spent outside I realized he got his first sunburn. The poor kid. But he is a trooper and continues to amaze me how quickly he is growing and learning. So much development in just 8 months.

I am exhasted much of the time. Beyond my usual employment working front office for a physical therapy clinic, I have added working the barrell business with my dad and sisters, and after a long long break Ive started to practice massage again. When Im not working, Im playing with Reed or trying to TCOB when he naps. I dont seem to get much done. But with lots of help from the family I am doing ok. Im currently trying to figure out how to balance everything so I dont end up in the poor house or working so much that I miss out on all the little advances Reed continues to make.

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Jenn said...

Welcome to the world of blogging! You sound like such an amazing mommy! Now post a picture of the fam! Miss ya!