Monday, March 31, 2008


Excuse the fuzzy pic, its from my phone. I just found it hilarious that "MAN" is something they are born with. I present the evidence: First, he is naked, or as naked as I will allow. The diaper would be gone too if I let him. Second, and what you cant see is that he is laying in my bed watching tv. But the most convincing evidence is the REMOTE CONTROL. It is a constant battle already to see who gets the remote. So I think its worth throwing this into the Nature vs Nurture arguement. I did not teach him this. He is surrounded by females all of the time, minus his precious time with his Papas. When he is with my dad, he is always outside. So unless Jerry already taught him this, which I doubt, this is how he came wired. One point for Nature. (I swear he gets this from you James!!!)

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