Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter cont...

Reed had his first egg hunt Saturday at Auntie Margie's house. He had a great time watching all the kids run around him grabbing up eggs. He wasn't real big on finding his own. The few eggs he collected ( or that his Uncle Brian collected for him) were a big success. They had little whuffle balls and lizards inside. He loved the balls. He also got to try strawberry jello for the first time. (Later that evening he threw it up all over mom.)
We then spent all night awake. Reed is teething and was running a rediculously high fever. He cried for hours and when he slept he was pretty restless. So Easter Sunday we were late for church and Reed went home after Sacrament meeting. I lasted an hour longer (I had to follow through with my hours help in the nursery.) Sunday night was much the same. Crying and fevers. So work today is torture. (Thus, I am typing this instead of actually doing my work....)

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