Saturday, March 22, 2008


Reed is getting so big. He loves to be outside and Papa spoils him rotten. They have lots of big boy time together. They even have growling and grunting contests. It is so funny. Since Papa has gotten his water feature running again, it has become a favorite play spot. Reed loves the water and climbing on the rocks. Needless to say mom is always hovering close by because Reed isn't scared of anything and all I can see is him cracking is head wide open. (moms take the fun out of everything)

The wild flowers are amazing this spring!!! I only captured a few on camera, mostly because I was too busy taking pics of my beautiful boy! Reed is offically 8 months and I look back wondering where all the time went to. While happy to have survived so far, I realize it went by so fast and I wish I would have captured more on film and just in treasuring the moment as it was happening. Funny how perspective changes so quickly as memory fades. I think I spent the last 8 months just trying to survive: dirty diapers, colic, sleepless nights, early mornings and long days at work. Now I just find myself wishing I could recapture the feelings of Reed moving inside me just before he was born, cuddling with him as a tiny newborn. (That newborn phase was so short.) And so many other things. I miss being pregnant (am I crazy!!!)

But I am getting so sidetracked!! The whole point of this was to say happy Easter!

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Settler's Bay Relief Society said...

I love this picture of Reed and your Dad!