Sunday, July 5, 2009

How's that thread holdin?

Yesterday was a mix of many emotions, but the haunt of the previously mentioned quote about what our children will look back and say about us continued to echo. I believe I was not alone in my feelings and while muddled and all over the place, I will try to organize them into some semblance of logic.

I had the opportunity to visit my grandfather in Thatcher for July 3-4. We had a great visit though it was impossible to keep Reed outta trouble. One of the first things out of my Grandpa's mouth was, "when ya gonna run for public office?" I thought it was pretty funny, and was a little worried about all the other types of things I blog about that he had been reading.

Thatcher is one of those small towns that is a few decades behind, but that's what gives it charm. We were able to listen to their 4th of July program (which mom says hasn't changed in the last 20 years.) And while we laughed at the "parade" that included more people in it than people watching it, and tried not to fall over rolling because of the singing puppets and the "freedom band" that included a man playing the snare with a tuba on his shoulders... it was great to see that someone remembered to include sentiments reminding us of what we have and our responsiblity to maintain the freedom fought so diligently for us.

The program included the speech from Andrew Jackson's first inauguration. It brought to light just how far we have strayed from the founder's intentions:

In administering the laws of Congress I shall keep steadily in view the limitations
as well as the extent of the Executive power, trusting thereby to discharge thefunctions of my office without transcending its authority.

In such measures as I may be called on to pursue in regard to the rights of the
separate States I hope to be animated by a
proper respect for those sovereign
members of our Union
, taking care not to confound the powers they have
reserved to themselves with those they have granted to the Confederacy.

Oh that our current leaders followed his example.....

In addition, there were several musical numbers and here are just a few lines that struck me...

Who more than self their country loved...

Confirm thy soul in self-control, thy liberty in law.

Praise the Power that hath made and preserved us a nation!

Then conquer we must, when our cause it is just.

Land of the noble free...

Let mortal tongues awake, let all that breathe partake

Long may our land be bright with freedom's holy light. Protect us by thy might, Great God, our King!

Lately, I have had several discussions with friends, family and coworkers regarding the current status of our freedom. I have heard everything from feelings that "all is well" to "I just don't get into that stuff" to concern and to complete resignation. I agree that I have no solutions as we have let the progressive ideas infiltrate our Congress and even the position of President. I wonder that Obama could even take the oath of office without a lightning storm or roof caving in. I was sickened by his speech yesterday as he very craftily excused his and other leaders current "change" as being a part of what the founding fathers intended. And that he used our "unyielding spirit" as a call to forward HIS current agenda. I swear I screamed to the radio... "HOW DARE YOU!!!!, HOW DARE YOU!!!" Add to that our apathy has made it possible for Congress to easily secure their "job" for life.

Amanda and I drove home yesterday afternoon. We talked about Cap and Trade and Nationalized Health Coverage. We talked about the White Horse Prophecy and saving the Constitution that will hang by a thread. And unfortunately, the conclusion we came to was: "we have done this to ourselves and it will be almost impossible to undo it." I then thought about the Children of Israel in captivity. Maybe this is our wandering in the desert, maybe this is our years of captivity to once again bring a proud people back to their knees to praise our God whom so many have forgotten. This gave me hope.

So after all the books I have read, all the calls to action I have heard and all the time spent not really knowing what it is I could do, I realized what my part is. And yours for that matter. I realized, it is time to get down on my knees and sing praise to "our Father's God", "author of liberty." I believe as we recognize His role in our liberty, as we humble ourselves and return to the values of our fore-fathers, we will loose the chains of captivity that we are only beginning to feel bind us. Along with this prayer, another needs to be said for the inspiration of what we need to be actively doing on an individual level to help forward the cause of restoring our freedom and our country to the beautiful light on a hill that it once was. Another, to help soften the hearts of all Christian's to be willing to work together, no matter the sect, to be willing and able to unite in the cause. I believe we are our own worst enemies because of our "differences." We have much more in common than in differences....

Is it too simple? It seems so. But my faith tells me, that He is the only way. He is the only One that can provide us with the answers of How. He is the only One that can save us as he was the Author of Liberty. This is a promised land. And we have not been good stewards and we will continue to become more and more bound by the consequenses of our own indifference, our own dishonesty, our own choices. I believe that if we can all come together in sincere supplication for guidance out of our stuggles we will find answers and we will be safe. As we do all we can, we will be sheltered from the storm ahead. Will we be successful in restoring the what truly made America glorious? I do not know. Is this just one of the many tragic preludes to the second coming of our Savior? Probably.... But I can no longer sit idly by hoping that someone else finds a solution.....


Adam and Emily said...

If you could hear me clapping you would. Thank you. I too am constantly plagued by all this, and can't help but think that it is the sign of the 2nd coming. And I get so angry about the ignorance of America. But praying really is the only thing we can do. I really like reading your blogs cause we seem to be on the same wavelength you are just more elegant with the verbage!

Lovin Family said...

Amen sista, you know how to tell it! Ya know, I'm hoping the 2nd coming happens before I have to deal Jr. High. I've got 3 years to go.

Ameliakmartin said...

I've had some of the same feelings lately too, Em. I wrote about some of them, but you absolutely nailed all that I was thinking about.I agree.