Thursday, November 6, 2008

The election

I recieved this email from a member of this chaplain's congregation. I thought it was worth sharing. After much political discussion with friends, I have realized the need for all Christians to band together and stand up for what we believe. Im happy to say that AZ, FL and shockingly CA passed the propositions to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman. This is what we can accomplish when we work together instead of trying to fight evil as solitary sects.

More and more I am realizing that we cant do nothing. I hope that Obama is able to come to a middle ground as he serves his term (singular I hope) as president. If not, we need to be ready to stand up and make our voices heard and remind him and our other leaders that they are there to serve us and not their own agenda.


I'm so grateful, with 92% reporting, that it looks like Prop 8 passed in Ca. This too is a testimony of what can happen when conservatives and churches mobilize--because it was largely their intentional across-the-board movements that made this happen. Still, amazing how close the battle...check out these numbers...

Though obviously a letdown to us that Obama was elected, America has dabbled with pushing the envelope to the left and will now experience exactly what happens when the “full force of the far left” are unleashed and their floodgates opened. Personally, I don’t believe last night’s election results reflect God’s appointment, but a reaping of what we’ve sewn as a nation and of course a representative desire of those things the majority want (though not necessarily what is best for the country). While no one is overlooking the historical magnitude of a black man being elected president (an action established long ago by our Founders in the equality clauses of the Declaration of Independence), our focus and fight here has always been upon what his positions, practices, and policies will produce (repeatedly addressed in the Norris syndicated column-- I believe Dr. Dobson spoke quite prophetically in a “fictional letter” when he wrote recently of what a 2012 Obama America would yield...

In an Obama nation, my personal prayer now (already this morning) is threefold: (1) that people would never forget our real hope (audacious or otherwise) is in God not government; (2) that churches would at last reawaken and realize, as Edmund Burke said that evil really does flourish when good men do nothing, and that politics are equally an area in which we are called to be light and salt (just as any mission field of darkness), and, though severely corrupt in areas, is not “dirty” arenas that we are to avoid; (3) that Christians and churches would place more focus to encourage and reconnect ourselves and others to our Founders’ America, in which the church served as the moral agent and conscience of the nation. As I told the Norrises here, in an Obama America, the content in Black Belt Patriotism is needed all the more as a resource and guide, because, at its heart and goal, are these three things. There will be no reawakening of America without God’s church—revival can’t happen independent of Her. And the good news is that the darker society (government) gets, the more obvious (brighter) the church will become—if she accepts her responsibility as salt/light and quits turning away from civic service as the “dirty stepchild” of ministry. The Norrises (and I, I suppose) will be spending lots of time, in a concentrated way over the Christmas season starting in a couple weeks, with an intentional focus on Christian media and God’s Church addressing those very facts and needs, accompany the wide Christian distribution of his book across the country in Christian bookstores and on the web (
Got hope? Don’t look to men. Psalm 31:24: “Be strong, and let your heart take courage, all you who hope in the LORD.”
Still fighting for God and country,
Chaplain Todd

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