Sunday, August 30, 2009

Catching up.

The one downfall of blogging at work (shh... dont tell) is that I dont have access to my pictures. So this post is way past due. Instead of doing each separately, I figured a pic tells a thousand words. So here is what my sweet little man has been up to lately.

Birthday celebrations with Daddy at Chuckie Cheese's. Who knew there were celebrities there!

Aunt Nan loves Reed so much she was willing to make his the bestest cake ever.

This was Reed's reaction. He loved it.

"Smile Reed", and this is what I get. Oh well.

And Reed got Thomas all to himself. S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!

Martin Family Campout 2009. This was my favorite shot. Check out those legs!

Reed and his favorite, Uncle Brian. Reed loved going out hiking and Brian was the best to keep taking him exploring. (I actually got a nap!)

Camping. HOW ADORABLE! What do people with ugly kids take pictures of?

Best Buddies.

Helping Papa with the yard work.

Tom is Reed's new pal for setting mom up with this sweet computer. Reed is super excited for the aquarium screen saver and all the movies that got put on it just for him.

Reed's new favorite passtime is to wash dishes. This is just fine, except he usually throws all the clean drying dishes into the soaking dishes. Making extra work for mom. But I am hoping to exploit this new talent later on.

Reed still doesn't say much these days. But he sure knows how to communicate. I believe this is his way of saying, "Damn it mom, put away the stupid camer and leave me alone!"

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likefireworks said...

Cute! I especially like the one where he is enjoying a juice box.