Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Writers block

Postings are a bit sparce this month. Im experiencing writers block or something. No big ah-ha moments, no big laughs to relate. I cant even come up with any witty one liners for facebook. I was gonna post some cutie pics of Reed. But I cant even get that to work for me right now.

Ive been working on Reed's and my 72 hour kits and was going to give a rundown of putting it together... but its a bit of a work in progress and so the post will have to wait.

I had some other great ideas for posts... but have since forgot them. The ideas usually come late at night so I dont do anything about em. Maybe I wasn't really having great ideas, maybe I was just dreaming about having great ideas.... I have had vivid dreams lately.

Oh well, Im hoping it is just a phase.


greg and laurie said...


I LOVE your posts and your fun musings. Keep it up!

Mom Laurie

Flying Princess said...

I've been feeling a little blocked lately also. It may have something to do with the three strangers in my house rummaging around.

And the echoey bathrooms.