Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Bitter, Party of 1

So, if anyone actually reads this think, one may have noticed that I have been MIA as of late. I know its only been about a week and a half, but thats a long time for me. And its not that I dont have anything to say. I ALWAYS HAVE SOMETHING TO SAY. Its just that Ive been spending the last week or so being a bit jealous. And as much as I have tried to avoid this particular blog entry, its coming out. Which I suppose is healthy. Maybe. Ill ask my counselor next session. She loves that I write. I just was told to not be self deprecating. Im working on it. Sorta.
See, all week I have had to read everyones posts about their Valentine's, their sweethearts, what their perfect husbands do for them and what they love most about their men. And I have vascillated from being envious, to being frusterated, to being downright nauseated. To all of you with these fabulous husbands that treat you like you are a princess, yeah for you. But Im sorry, if I have to read one more blog about how romantic he is and how you met and fell in love, I may just have to do something drastic. (not really, its just a figure of speech.)
Im happy to report that I did not have a Valentines dinner reminscent of that scene in Forgetting Sarah Marshall. (If you have not seen it, its hilarious.) Reed and I went to Wendys. Drive thru, of course. And while I loved getting little boy cuddles, its just not sufficent to fill the Valentine VOID that is my reality. I was laughing about, and then a bit miffed, that I have never actually been in a relationship on Valentines day. How sad. In all my 30 years. No Valentine. Timings a bitch, huh. Oh well.
I was reading a friends blog and she was talking about just needing a good kiss. (She was recently widowed and while she makes me feel bad about my own complaining, I was glad to know I am not alone.) But I just wanted to throw this out there for all of you smug marrieds. Dont take your kisses for granted. Have a good kiss now and again. Im not talking about a peck on the cheek and I am not talking about the one you get/give when you know your gonna get something out of it... if ya know what I mean. Somewhere in between. Like when you just realized he was the one. A good, woo-hoo, toe curling, fireworks kiss. If you aren't having those now and again. You better start working on getting em. Cause I have an excuse. Whats yours? After hearing all about your wonderful hubbies surly he deserves one now and again.
Now enough ranting. "Bitter. Party of One"


Towns Family said...

I understand what you are going through...don't know what you are, cause I've never been you...But I understand.

Be bitter, jealous, and all of the above. Because when it does happen, you'll remember to give him "that" kind of kiss...just because. I know everyone loves their spouse, blah, blah, blah...but for those of us who have had to (or still are) waiting for the knight in shining armor, when you get it, you appreciate it more.

And I love your are one awesome chick Em!!!

sarabowles said...

Oh my heck Emily you crack me up...Bitter party of 1! HaaHaa...Well I am glad to know that I wasn't the only one wanting a good nasty kiss on Saturday and all I got were sweet little boy and girl kisses. I agree, they are sweet but really do nothing at all to fill that void. I am glad to know that someone actually reads my blog. You flatter me.

{tiffany} thomson said...

I opened up the comments box and didn't know what to write yet I felt like I needed to write something. So if I says something totally annoying or offensive, forgive me because I think you are awesome and have every right ot feel the way you do. Your right- that does suck. It wouldn't make you feel any better if I told you all the hard things about being married though so I will spare you. Just know though that the only reason everyone one wrote those things about their husbands is because it is socially expected of them. Sometimes it feels as if love is never going to come to you but know that there are some of us out there that believe it will. I never had anyone on v-day either until Josh. But I will be your valentine! You are amazing and inspiring. Just remember there is more equality in this test we call life than sometimes we feel like there is. Luv ya!