Sunday, February 8, 2009


I know its been a whole week since the game, but I wanted to take a quick sec and give some love to the Arizona Cardinals.
Now before you all get mean with me cause you know how critical I have been, I want to explain. I have been one of their biggest critics. They could do no right. They were crappy. And they wanted my tax money for a stupid stadium so they could play crappy there. And I didn't like it. Not when we cant even pay teachers a reasonable salary and we continue to cut educational funding. But I digress.
When AZ was considering building the Cardinals a new stadium, they noted that they could never be great when playing in the ASU stadium. To be fair, that stadium is very old and not very equipt for a pro football team, maybe not even ASU. But very few felt like we had a "Pro" team in the Cardinals, therefore they didn't need a pro stadium. They persisted in requests for a new stadium and promised us a superbowl if they got it. The skeptical locals, me included, just laughed and kissed our tax dollars goodbye. (Although, its not like we had never seen wasted tax money before and now with Obama, it seems to be quite common.... AGAIN I AM SIDETRACKED...)
I wanted to just say how enjoyable it has been to be wrong and to say thanks. Thanks to the Cardinals for keeping up their end of the deal. They not only took us to the Superbowl, they gave us a fabulously exciting game. And I may be a bit biased, but I still stand by the theory that the Cardinals won and that both feet did not touch the ground inbounds in that last play. We saw the stills and the replays over and over and I am not convinced.. and I am not the only one.
So props to you Cardinals. Im looking forward to next season. --A new fan--

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