Friday, June 20, 2008

Gone Thriftin...

So this ones for all the thrift store junkies out there. Wednesday our local Goodwill stores had a special going on. If you brought in a donation, you would receive a paper grocery bag that you could fill with clothes for $5. Hell yes. (Now granted, I have never been one for thrifting until Reed came along. Ive never been successful at finding things for me there. But with Reed its a different story. Especially as babies... you can get good stuff cause babies never get to wear their clothes more than a handful of times. So my kid is all decked out in Ralph Lauren, Baby Gap, etc., and I pay very little for it. Shoot, I got his crib for $12.

I went to my Goodwill just before work and filled a bag. $5. I went after work to one nearby and filled a bag $5. Last I went to one by my sisters house. (Its in AJ so I was afraid it would be pretty sparse... and it was for baby clothes but I found me stuff!!!) $5.

In the end, my totals were... FOR REED:
3 jackets, 12 long sleeve button up shirts, 8 prs jammies, 8 pants, 18 short sleeve shirts, 13 long sleeve knit shirts, 7 prs shorts. FOR ME: 1 dress (with tags still on it), 3 shirts (1 with tags still on it) 2 skirts, 1 pr pants.
TOTAL: $15 dollars.
YEAH... I'm awesome. My favorite was when I ran into a lady from our Relief Society presidency. She came up to me and said, "Wow you have such good taste..." I see her there all the time.
Anyway, I was just proud of my catch. But boy was I tired afterward.

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