Monday, April 21, 2008

The boys...

James has returned from Idaho and is doing really well. Im glad to have the help of shared parenting time. It has also helped James to begin to understand what it took for me to be the solo parent all this time.
Reed has taken to James. I have to admit I was more than a little concerned. We had a week of slowing reintroduction... for the both of them. That way James could begin to understand Reed's cues and Reed would be comfortable around James.
I know what you are all thinking....Will this group become a family? I suppose its all yet to be determined. James I are building up trust and rebuilding our relationship as he continues to build his relationship with Reed. But as much as I would love to see everything work out for all of us, it will be a long arduous process... for me at least. I am excited and encourage James to build up his relationship and spend time with Reed. I am adamant that he needs his daddy. And its sweet to watch their interactions. So I guess time will tell for all of us.


Jenn said...

cute picture of father and son!

Adam and Emily said...

Hey Emily!
It's Emily!
I found your blog through Trinas and thought I would say hi! Your little Reed is a cutie pie! I'm glad you are doing well.